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Who We Are

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Our Story

Justin is a digital marketing strategist/creative director, specializing in the curation of digital content for cosmetic surgeons and dentists across the globe, notably in Toronto, Las Vegas and Sydney(Australia).

Harmony has been a force in spreading awareness about cosmetic procedures and non-invasive treatments. She has built a growing following based on her audience’s desires to gain education and her insight on new trends and products/treatments.

As a collective, we aspire to do more for the industry than simply providing flawless "Before & After" photos and perfectly staged social media photos. We want to truly captivate a community by providing the necessary education on every aspect of a procedure while building trust in the quality of work and care they’d receive when choosing to entrust you with their cosmetic procedures.

Meet The Team

Why Us

You’re not simply hiring a marketing firm for your business needs, you’re hiring a team who has a passion for the industry and ensures they remain at the forefront of industry trends. You’re hiring professionals who already grasp the depth of your career and have extensive knowledge of how to market these services.

Past Clients Include

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